Monday, October 6, 2008


LawCrossing is an organization that houses the largest collection of active legal job openings in the world on its website. They have meticulously reviewed the job openings of over 250,000 legal employers in order to make the full spectrum of information available to their users. LawCrossing does not simply search for job openings at law firms though, corporations, government offices, think tanks, and public interest organizations all over the United States also make the list. LawCrossing does not charge employers for listing a job on their website, as they feel it would skew the results and discourage the attempts of users to find all active job listings.

People sometimes feel that they can search through the active legal listings themselves simply by perusing job boards or employer's websites. Naturally, if this were the case, they would not need to employ over 150 people who spend hours daily sifting through information and categorizing it for the benefit of the user. They search over 10,000 employer's websites in an effort to compile all available information, and they even search through other possible sources like newspapers and other job boards. There is literally no job board, website, or print source that contains the amount of active legal listings that LawCrossing does. This significant source of information empowers law students and attorney to monitor the market at all times and many have realized what an invaluable tool LawCrossing is to their careers.

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